Crazy Delusions of the Anal Costumer

11 January 1973
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Welcome! My name is KeelyVH and here is a little bit about myself!

I am a die-hard collector. You show me something, I will probably start collecting it. Thank goodness I married a guy that stops me from getting out of control! I have recently gotten into: Cosplay, Anime Conventions, Pullips!! and Pinky:St, Blythe and OMG Now Asian BJDs! Thankfully, none of these things have kicked me out of house and home - for which I am greatful.
I am also an anal seamstress. Nothing is too perfect - I will redo something until it is exactly right. This makes sewing for the larger BJD girls a bit easier - as I can be as detailed as I want and not go crazy. *laughs*

Please feel free to check out my store!! www.cutekimono.com

I have been married to an amazingly wonderful man and have two little girl monsters that drive me crazy. The girls are getting older now and I have moments when I am so sad to see them not need me as much as they used to. But, I have every hope that they will be good and responsible people as they grow.

I also have a loving group of friends that are as special as family to me. Many of them have been online friends of VH that we have gotten to know since 1991. Each has something that makes them an amazing person. I hope they know this!! :)

That's pretty much it. If I'm not sewing, I'm collecting... and if I'm not collecting, I'll be on the computer or Wii playing games!! :)

I am a long time lover of Sci Fi shows... my first being Star Trek reruns when I was a kid. It was a life changing event. ;) I currently am watching Stargate: Atlantis... giving Sanctuary another try - and rewatching the classics, Stargate: SG-1 and Firefly. Firefly is especially fun for me, as my hubby is Asian and I get to hear him moan and groan when they butcher his native tongue. Makes me crack up EVERY time. :D

I am also a recent addict to Second Life! I can't seem to get away from sewing... even virtual!! *laughs* Been having a lot of fun there and can't wait to learn more things about it. :)

I _LOVE_ creating Kimonos, both traditional and wa-loli - have moved seriously into making them for all sizes that I can!! Recently created one for MSD size - it's been great fun!

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I have also been stamped at Pullip_Rating!

"Feel the light that turns everything pure and precious.

Like sunshine on the softest white cashmere.

...Feel like so!"

I've been stamped for the August Theme: Limited Editions!

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And I am a member of the Pullip Blog crew! *BIG GRINS*

The Pullip Blog Crew

Just finished watching Stargate SG-1. Have become COMPLETELY infatuated with Daniel after realizing that he could be human! *winks*
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OOOH! Another avatar picture... I don't know if I am brave enough to use it - but it sooo rocks.
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